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Äsk Party Game ENG

12,00 €
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Vestluskaardid ÄSK on head sõprade või pere keskis arutelu tekitamiseks ja üksteise tundma õppimiseks mõeldud 95 kaarti. "ÄSK" seltskonnamängu ingliskeelne versioon. "ÄSK" was created so that from now on there would be no events in awkward silence or where people only stare at their phones or talk about the weather. In the box, you will find 95 questions that stir up discussions and help to get to know one another. Suitable for playing together with your friends, colleagues, family or at an event where everyone does not know each other.
Tootekood: ASK#006
Laoseis: 43
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If you had to get a tattoo right now, what would you get and where would you have it? What career would you choose if money were no object? If you could play the lead in a very well-known movie, what movie would you choose?